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Rabu, 02 April 2014

Find You

When you look at the tree,
see it green,
then you ask: why does it give me something to breath?

When you at the shore
watching the deep blue sea,
then you ask: why it can vanish my thirsty
with a little tricky distillation?

When you at the door of your self
enjoying the questions of who am I,
then you end up with asking:
why such spiral stairs can identify me?

Then you realize that above those
you are facing the perfect unsolveable connections;
it is like you stand in deep darkness.

With a guide of you awareness,
you crawl looking for a proper clue.
Neither religions nor believes can save you out.
You pray to God, at least to pick you out of it.
[imagine that you've been freed]
But, someday you'll repeat the same questions.
Then you meet this part again.

Budha calls it reincarnation.
You name it whatever you want.
Then, the reality says that you're circling arround;
Your consciousness is going no-where.

You are still the same children
gazing and speculating about the stars amid the night sky.

Finally, you open the eye of your consciousness.

The only thing to help you see in the darkness is a little light.
You already have the candle.
But you don't have the light yet.
That's what you need to find.

This light lays beneath you.
This light is not the stranger
That's why I call it "you".

Kurcaci Ikal
Yogyakarta, 2 April 2014